Monday, November 19, 2012

ADV Garage product #2: Oil Return Line

Fits BMW F650GS  model year 2001- 2007.
Flexible Oil Return Line, made in VT. The line uses Aircraft grade parts (AN fittings), ss clamps, ss braided line and real oil hose (not just off the shelf hose most people uses for the splice in). Hose clamp, secures it to the engine in a way to avoid chafe and allow the dreaded waterpump or clutch fix without removal. The rubber hose is real oil hose, not the off-the-shelf-stuff at AutoZone people tend to use for the "oil line mod". (Splice-in hack mods can kink causing engine damage and the non-oil hose swells and leaks.) Each SS line set comes with a set of simple instructions even the armchair wrencher can appreciate. Do it at the next oil change, waterpump rebuild, or now. 

Plug and Play. Comes with detailed instructions, clamp for frame, everything you need for a painless swap out. Best of all they look Kewel.  $95 shipped, Order from Ebay or this site.

Number sold:  1 and counting.

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