Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quebec, northern VT, northern NH ride

Old post I forgot to publish

Big grade
This was a good one.  Well over 600 miles in 2 days and we covered mucho back roads, desolate customs crossings, Therford mines, Poutine specialized diner,  and some great hills, valleys and towns. The "adventure plus" included some uh, parkinglot maintenance, a broken kickstand, broken clutch cable, "adventure"crazy Quebec City traffic management (and the old bridge) with some  and rain & wind thrown in.

Crossing Duanes in Richford
Bikes averaged 60 and 70 mpg and were a joy to ride the varied terrain. As known as bike that's "not the best at anything but the best at everything", The BMW F650GS did it's job once again. Of course there are better bikes on the twisties and a KTM 300 would be the choice for trails but if you only have one option?  BMW.

Around Mont Saint Anne
Oh the humanity!  Just move the peas outta there
(didn't know the french name for them!)

Old QC

Chain loose

Restoration project

1970 Glastron Jetflite (#2)

A real basket case

Teardown begins.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ADK 3 day ride

Caro and I decided to ditch the girls (doggies) and head for the hills.  We loaded up the GS preparing for rain at least one day which meant waterproof bags and some last minute rigging.  I'm pretty set up for one up touring in all weather but this is a bit different.  Space goes away fast.  (As does low CG.)

Loaded and clean

On our way, sure enough, the line ahead of the front came upon us and got us wet from the champlain bridge on to final destination - Westport NY.  Of course it wasn't enough for me to just "drive" over to Westport without any adventure. I plotted out a couple adirondack back roads that got us there slower but at least a little scarier.  First attempt was a logging road/trail that was getting pretty muddy and puddly by the time we came by.  Luckily before I was at the point of no return, a logger came opposite direction with instructions that the gate was closed ahead and a big logger machine was behind him with no room to pull over.  We made the 8 point turnaround and followed the truck the heck out of there.  It was foggy and rainy and hard to see anyway and with two on the bike pretty much a no brainer.  The second route was a closed road but it was a road.  Gravel, fairly big rocks and narrow, but doable at 30 or so.  It was fun and another road off my list in the ADK's and another to tell the KLR riders about.

Wet but happy

Thanks for the nice room at the Westport Inn- having AC meaning the gear would dry out fast overnight.

ADV romance

A good dinner (YUM) at the marina which wasn't crowded on this Thursday eve, then a stroll in the very light showers throughout the town streets and very nice trails and parks.

Margarita's on this anniversary eve!

A very nice town we seem to fly by on our way to other ADK destinations.  OK next day I wanted to hit the Jay Mountain Road which is famous in my mind but I have no clue what it's really like.  Well its dirt alright but 1/4 way in the bridge was out.  As a matter of fact we ran into no less than 4 bridges out on this trip.  I can't wait to hit it again in the fall?

Jay Mountain road bridge out

Lots of small, curvey back roads today to a town called Mountain View.  Not much there but the roads are for cars AND 4-wheelers.  We felt at home on the DS bike.  So far every food spot we hit on this trip was both fantastic tasting and cheap.  The Trailside Bar and Grill (and cabins) is our stop.  Riding, we had the choice of railroad bed, road or trail anywhere we needed to go!  There is one road in particular that has some pavement (but not much), narrow, and curvey; better described as a demilitarized zone, I expected to see burned out tanks along side this "road" This is snowmobilers paradise.  We had fun too.

The demilitarized road is the one on lower left.  Mountain View is upper- center/left

Only a couple times did we have to separate to get through a knarly trail section or get turned around  Here was one-  on a "road" on the back side of Indian Lake.  (I didn't want to slide out or fall with two plus gear in a puddle.)

Closed road back side of Indian Lake

Our cabin at Trailside

After a decent sleep (after the best coconut shrimp this side of the Carribean) we left before the other cabin-mates woke from their hangovers to head to B'fast at Four Corners diner in Bloomingdale (just south of Vermontville!) on the way home.  No breakfast up where we were. 

Home made corn beef hash!


Much better to be on a ferry instead of the long slog around to the bridge.
All in all a decent trip. Slight sprinkles on the way back and a tad cool for our mesh protective gear but we were light and nimble. Rain gear for the one real day of rain was not needed.   Melted a cargo strap on the muffler along the way as the duffle got compressed and strap slid off.  Could have been worse I guess- like getting caught in the spokes !  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ruff Ride 2013

Never rode with a biker gang before, so why not?  I think there were 80 or so Harley's, Streets, Customs and maybe 5 Adventure Bikes (we were two of them).  Harley always seem to be the majority  maybe because the noise ratio inaccurately creates the illusion of quantity (and not quality : )

Good cause- the Addison County Humane Society and Homeward Bound Animal Shelter. Cyclewise of Middlebury sponsors every year and they do a nice job.  I mean how do you keep 80 bikers in line and together for 100 miles, then grill up burgers?  It was cool.

Cycle-wise starting location

Keeping formation through Midd

Middlebury green ending

Rebecca in for some new oil (on a rainy day)

Owner assisted oil change on a rainy day

But if you wait for nice weather, you'll never leave the house.

Case in point (worth watching if you live in the northeast):
All in a Summer's Day (Ray Bradbury)


Yeah, sewing.  Lets see if we can sew some stuff to other stuff.

New used Consew 225 is under the ADV roof.  Upgraded spool holder, slower clutch motor, all oiled up, with thread and ready to go.

Tune in for something.

Smaller Pulley for slower (training wheels) speed:

Thread spool holder added and some thick UV thread of course:

Story of a Boston Whaler

This Whaler is typical of the type of duty an 11' is destined for.  Use.  Unfortunately, the Lake levels in Lake Champlain are again at record levels for July and it was tossed from the security of its boat lift to the rocky shores for 12 hours of pounding by the waves.  Here it resides in ICU for monitoring and some patching up- to be sent back into duty.

Sad, but she'll be back better than ever